National Network of Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

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Note that these are real-time data and are not quality-controlled. Long-range graphs are plotted from a randomised subsample of half-hourly data.



Additional Information

 Wave buoy location  50° 42.69' N  001° 50.39' W
 WMO code  6201008
 Approximate water depth  10.4 m CD
 Approximate spring tidal range  1.5 m
 Storm alert threshold  2.61 m


Wave data are measured using a Datawell Directional WaveRider Mk III buoy. The buoy was first deployed on 16 July 2003, from the MV Wessex Explorer, at which time the magnetic declination at the site was 3.2° west, changing by 0.15° east per year. Wave direction is reported following the nautical convention, meaning that the direction is where the waves come from, measured clockwise from magnetic north.


20/03/2024 Scheduled service
29/06/2023 Scheduled service
20/02/2023 Scheduled service
07/07/2022 Scheduled service
14/10/2021 Scheduled service
14/05/2021 Scheduled service
02/12/2020 Scheduled service
25/06/2020 The buoy was redeployed.
12/06/2020 The buoy was sent adrift and recovered the same day. 
07/02/2020 Scheduled service
25/07/2019 Scheduled service
12/02/2019 Scheduled service
20/06/2018 Scheduled service
06/12/2017 Temperature readings are now correct

Temperature readings are currently showing 10 degrees celcius above the actual value. A correctin will soon be applied. 

20/12/2016 Scheduled service
03/06/2016 Scheduled service
26/11/2015   Scheduled service
08/05/2015 Scheduled service
02/10/2014 Scheduled service
05/03/2014 Scheduled service
28/11/2013 Buoy has now been redeployed.
22/11/2013 Buoy stopped sending data at midnight last night. The buoy has now been recovered and will be replaced at the earliest opportunity.
27/09/2013 At 0946 today electricians working on the shore station site shut down its power but restored it at around 1600.
21/08/2013 Scheduled service
19/02/2013 Scheduled service
09/08/2012 Scheduled service
27/02/2012 Scheduled service
19/01/2011 Scheduled service
09/07/2010 Scheduled service
10/12/2009 Scheduled service
26/07/2009 Scheduled service
04/02/2009 The shore station computer has been replaced but data are not being transferred to the website as, once again, the phone line has been severed by site works.  BT engineers have been notified for repair.
03/02/2009 Electrical surges have damaged the shore station computer
14/01/2009 Scheduled service
05/12/2008 Intermittent faults with the phone line have continued, due to works at the site.


The telephone line at the shore station has been cut. BT engineers have been notified for the repair.
29/01/2008 At 0930 the power supply to the receiver was stopped due to redevelopment work to the building where the receiver is located. This was reconnected at 1130 on 30/01/2008.
27/01/2008 Scheduled service
22/07/2006 The shore station was hit by lightning and the computer and modem have been badly damaged. Replacements are on the way.
04/01/2006 The incoming data are not being processed properly by the receiving software. The fault is being investigated.
20/12/2005 A new DWR Mk III has been deployed.
08/11/2005 The buoy was recovered from the surf zone on Bournemouth beach. It had been badly damaged and preliminary tests indicate that the accelerometers may be faulty as a result. The buoy has been returned to Datawell for assessment.
03/11/2005 The buoy moved off station at about 1800 yesterday evening and is moving in a north-easterly direction. Recovery attempt is underway.
17/05/2004 W@ves21 software has been updated and all wave parameters are being properly processed.
28/03/2004 No files are being processed by W@ves21 and therefore no data are available in real-time.
19/03/2004 The W@ves21 software is still not processing the incoming data properly. As a short-term fix, the values for Hs and Tm are being replaced on the website by H1/3 and T1/3, which are very similar approximations of Hs and Tm, and which are being properly processed by W@ves21.
24/02/2004 There is a problem with the W@ves21 software, which is not storing the wave parameters properly. The data are recoverable, but are not available in real-time. Datawell are investigating the problem.
28/01/2004 There is a software problem with W@aves21. Only the Hmax is being properly derived. Datawell have been informed.
15/12/2003 On inspection, the mooring was found to be badly damaged and was replaced. The buoy was serviced and re-located approximately 6m from the original position.
10/12/2003 The buoy appears to have been hit. It has moved off station and the mooring is damaged. An inspection visit is underway.
10/07/2003 Buoy deployed at 50°42.6810'N 01°50.3712'W.