National Network of Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

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Note that these are real-time data and are not quality-controlled. Long-range graphs are plotted from a randomised subsample of half-hourly data.



Additional Information

 Wave buoy location  50° 21.19' N  005° 10.47' W 
 WMO code  6201001
 Approximate water depth  14 m CD
 Approximate spring tidal range  6.1 m
 Storm alert threshold  5.40 m
 Met station location  50° 20.77' N  005° 09.71' W


Wave data are measured using a Datawell Directional WaveRider Mk III buoy. The buoy was first deployed on 18 December 2006, at which time the magnetic declination at the site was 3.9° west, changing by 0.15° east per year. Wave direction is reported following the nautical convention, meaning that the direction is where the waves come from, measured clockwise from magnetic north.

The met station was first installed on 01 August 2011. On 29 September 2023, the meterological instrumentation was changed from a Gill Met Pack II to a Gill MaxiMet GMX600.


20/04/2024 Scheduled service
16/04/2024 The shore station is currently offline, a fault on the BT line is suspected.
18/10/2023 There is a suspected issue with the shore station PC. A site visit will be made at the soonest opportunity.
29/09/2023 The met station instrumentation was changed to a Gill MaxiMet GMX600. The parameters of humidity and rainfall have been added.
16/08/2023 Scheduled service
03/05/2023 Scheduled service
15/03/2023 Scheduled service of met station.
24/11/2022 It is suspected that the shore station computer has overheated. A site visit to fix the shore station will be made asap.
21/11/2022 The met data is flatlining. An investigation is underway.
10/08/2022 Scheduled service
24/07/2022 A fault on the BT internet line is preventing data from reaching the website. Updates to follow tomorrow morning. 
01/06/2022 The temperature probe is faulty. The temperature data is erroneous.
24/03/2022 The buoy was swapped. 
18/02/2022 No data is being received from the buoy and will be replaced at the earliest opportunity. 
22/01/2022 Scheduled service
15/06/2021 The humidity probe is broken. 
14/04/2021 Scheduled service
16/10/2020 Scheduled service
21/05/2020 Scheduled service
23/05/2019 Scheduled service
25/10/2018 Scheduled service
19/05/2018 Scheduled service
20/09/2017 Scheduled service
27/08/2016 Scheduled service
21/03/2016 Scheduled service
25/05/2015   Scheduled service
24/02/2015 A problem with the phone line at the shore station has prevented data being uploaded to the website. BT will fix ASAP.
29/10/2014 Buoy swapped out today.
12/03/2014 Buoy has now been redeployed.
09/02/2014 The buoy has been recovered; the efforts of local beach staff and users to assist with the recovery are much appreciated.
08/02/2014 The buoy has come ashore and appears to be badly damaged; rescue attempts are underway.
03/09/2013 Scheduled service
20/05/2013 Buoy redeployed
16/05/2013 Buoy came adrift. Possibly entangled with fishing vessel. Now towed to Newquay harbour.
09/03/2013 Buoy swapped out
07/09/2012 Scheduled service
12/07/2011 Data not coming through to the website, BT alerted
12/09/2010 Data from Plymouth University's met. station at Perranporth have been added to the website, by kind permission of Dr M. A. Davidson
15/03/2010 Scheduled service
24/09/2009 Scheduled service
08/07/2009 The service visit has indicated that the majority of equipment at shore station needs replacing, BT engineer on route to fix the phone line
03/07/2009 The shore station computer and ancillary equipment were destroyed by a lightning strike last night.
31/03/2009 Re-deployment of buoy

Although wave heights and periods are being correctly recorded, the reported wave direction has been suspiciously erratic for several weeks.  Following detailed discussions with Datawell, the buoy will be recovered as soon as possible for investigation.

18/02/2009 A spare buoy has been deployed.  The damaged buoy has been returned to Datawell for assessment.
12/02/2009 The buoy has been recovered.  In addition to the damage near the handles, the HF antenna has been snapped off and the radar reflectors crushed.  The hull appears to be intact, but the impact was sufficiently hard to shock the internal components, to cause the electronics to break free and to shatter some of the batteries.  A spare buoy will be deployed as soon as possible.
10/02/2009 The buoy was run over around 01:00 this morning, and has been badly damaged (one of the handles has come off so clearly the buoy itself has been impacted).  The buoy has been tracked and a boat is en route to recover it.
25/09/2008 Scheduled service and battery change
22/07/2008 The shore station computer has been damaged and will be replaced as soon as possible.
04/01/2008 The buoy has been hit, cut from its mooring and has now beached. It is currently being recovered and will be re-deployed as soon as the weather permits.
17/08/2007 The wave buoy came adrift at around 11:30 today and recovered later that afternoon. The mooring had been sliced through. The buoy will be re-deployed as soon as possible, when the weather conditions improve.
01/02/2007 The buoy has been returned to Datawell for investigation.  A replacement buoy has been deployed.
20/01/2007 The wave buoy has developed a fault, which is currently under investigation by Datawell. Only the GPS position and sea surface temperature are correct.