National Network of Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

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Note that these are real-time data and are not quality-controlled. Long-range graphs are plotted from a randomised subsample of half-hourly data.

Herne Bay


Additional Information

 Step gauge location  51° 22.919' N  001° 06.934' E
 Approximate water depth  0.5 m CD
 Storm threshold  0.71 m
 Met station location  51° 22.370' N  001° 07.460' E
 For full site history  See latest annual report


Wave and tidal data are measured using an Etrometa step gauge, which was first installed in 1996.

The met station was first installed on 01 June 2009, it is now located on the Herne Bay Bandstand (having been moved from the pier in July 2011).

The Campbell Scientific meteorological station was swapped out for a Vaisala WXT536 on 28 August 2020. 


07/06/2024 Scheduled service and installation of a WaveRadar Rex2. The feed will be switched to the new instrument following levelling.
04/05/2024 The shore station has been vandalised. Repair and relocation efforts are underway. The shore station was repaired on 04/06/2024
29/10/2023 The tide and met equipment are not responding to remote restarts. An investigation is underway.
14/10/2023 Heavy rain tripped electrical units onsite. Manual restarts were required. Met investigations are ongoing.
06/07/2023 Scheduled service
11/06/2022 The met station is not providing data. Investigations are underway. Resolved 15/06/2022.
02/05/2022 Scheduled service
27/05/2021 Scheduled service
28/08/2020 Scheduled service. Campbell Scientific met station swapped out for Vaisala WXT536. 
11/06/2019 Scheduled service
12/02/2019 Scheduled service
26/06/2018 Scheduled service
02/11/2017 Scheduled service
18/01/2017 Scheduled service
19/07/2016 Scheduled service
08/03/2016   The shore station was visited today to replace suspected faulty parts. Transmission errors should be resolved shortly.
03/03/2016 The data feed stopped last night. Our on-site contact was unable to establish the fault. Troubleshooting efforts continue and a site visit will be made shortly if necessary.
06/01/2016 Scheduled service
28/08/2015 Software issues at shore station preventing data upload have now been resolved.
14/08/2015 No data currently due to loss of power at shore station. Will be returned ASAP.
13/05/2015 Scheduled service
31/10/2014 The phone line has been fixed and data are back-loading to the website
24/10/2014 There are problems with the phone line, which the supplier is attempting to fix
15/07/2014 Repairs have been completed and data are now being recorded for the full tidal cycle
30/06/2014 The frame for the lower section is being replaced by divers
24/09/2013 There is a problem with the instrument, which is proving difficult to rectify and may require replacement of one or more sections.  Investigations are ongoing as a matter of urgency but in the meantime, only the higher water levels are being recorded reliably
28/06/2013 Scheduled service
14/11/2012 Scheduled service
30/03/2012 Scheduled service
06/01/2012 New data processing algorithms have been applied: quality controlled wave data are now available. 
25/08/2011 The telemetry from Herne Bay has been replaced and the met station and receiver station have been re-located to the Bandstand, due to refurbishment of the pier buildings. 
04/01/2011 It appears that the data transmission problem is linked to the telemetry system, which has been in place since 1996.  A replacement is being sourced from the manufacturer as a matter of priority.
03/12/2010 Data reception and quality has been very poor for the past few days.  The problem appears to be related to the very cold weather and is being investigated.
23/03/2010 Scheduled service and Etrometa section swap.
26/08/2009 Etrometa serviced, installation of air pressure and air temperature sensors.
17/12/2008 Scheduled Service.
04/01/2008 Poor data reception, spurious data points