National Network of Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

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Note that these are real-time data and are not quality-controlled. Long-range graphs are plotted from a randomised subsample of half-hourly data.

West Bay Harbour


Additional Information

 Tide gauge location  50° 42.532' N  002° 45.847' W
 Met station location  50° 42.640'N  002° 45.837'W


Tide data are measured by a Valeport vented pressure transducer. 

On 25 January 2008, a WaveRadar REX was installed.

On 30 March 2011, because the instrument was overwashed during very high tides, the WaveRadar was replaced with an Etrometa step gauge.

On 06 October 2021, at 12:00 GMT, the data feed on the website was switched to water level observations provided by a Valeport pressure transducer installed at the same location as the Etrometa step gauge. 

The OMC meteorological station was replaced with a Vaisala WXT536 on 6 February 2019. 


27/05/2024 The tide gauge is offline, a manual restart is required.
08/04/2024 Scheduled service
31/03/2024 The tide gauge is offline, a manual restart is required. This will be rectified at the earliest opportunity. Fixed 08/04/24
01/01/2024 An offset of ~40 degrees in the wind directions has been introduced. This is thought to be caused by a misalignment of the met station. Other met parameters are unaffected. This will be resolved via a site visit at the next opportunity.
07/06/2023 Scheduled service
21/09/2022 Data from the meteorological station is intermittently flatlining. Site visit undertaken on 24/09/2022 and data feed resumed.
07/12/2021 The meteorological station is no longer transmitting data. A site visit will be undertaken at the earliest opportunity. 
21/10/2021 Scheduled service
06/10/2021 At 12:00 GMT, the data feed was switched to water level observations provided by a Valeport pressure transducer installed at the same location as the Etrometa step gauge. 
11/02/2021 Scheduled service
03/09/2020 Site visited to restore met data and finalise new pressure transducer transmission. 

Scheduled service during which the bottom Etrometa section was replaced. 

A secondary gauge was installed besides the Etrometa; a Valeport pressure transducer. 

11/02/2020 Unscheduled visit. Router swapped as precaution. BT visited the site on 13/02/2020 and connection was restored. 
31/10/2019 Unscheduled visit to investigate occasional data outages. The Etrometa head unit was replaced and a splash hood installed. 
05/07/2019 Scheduled service
19/03/2019 Scheduled service during which the Step Gauge Electronics (SGE) was replaced. 
06/02/2019 The OMC met sensors were replaced with a Vaisala WXT536. 
18/01/2019 Unscheduled visit to diagnose data loss. PC was replaced. 
23/11/2018 Scheduled service
07/03/2018 Technical problems are causing data recovery issues. The problem is being investigated. 
06/11/2017 Scheduled service
16/06/2017 Scheduled service
06/09/2016 Scheduled service
05/07/2016 Unscheduled service of met station. The anenometer was replaced. 
22/03/2016 Scheduled service
17/02/2016 The rain gauge was checked. No fault was found. 
28/10/2015 Scheduled service
29/04/2015 Scheduled service
30/10/2014 Scheduled service
30/04/2014 Scheduled service
15/10/2013 Top Etrometa section swapped out. 

Scheduled service of Etrometa. Top section appears faulty and will need to be replaced. 

Secheduled service of met station. 


Scheduled service of the Etrometa, including the installation of a new head unit. 

Scheduled service of met station and installation of new rain bucket. 

15/01/2013 The lower Etrometa section was swapped out.
27/11/2012 Site visited to investigate Etrometa fault. 
06/09/2012 Scheduled service of Etrometa

Site visited where data and power cable junction was found to be open and flooded. 

Several sections of data and power cable were relaid and new junction boxes installed. 

27/04/2012 Site visited to investigate data issues. Cable run was found to be severed. Reconnection will take place on separate visit. 
25/04/2012 Site visit to investigate Etrometa data issues. Unable to gain full access, no sign of problem based on visible parts. 
09/03/2012 Scheduled service
30/03/2011 The new Etrometa step gauge has been installed and is sending data to the website. 
23/03/2011 The WaveRadar Rex is being replaced by an Etrometa step gauge. The instrument has been very reliable but operational restrictions where the gauge could be mounted have meant that it could become swamped by very large tides. 
29/06/2010 The refurbished WaveRadar has been re-installed. 
19/02/2010 Since the instrument had to be mounted at a less then ideal elevation, the WaveRadar has been swaped again and is undergoing refurbishment. Discussions are underway to replace the instrument with a step gauge. 
25/10/2009 The WaveRadar was re-installe following refurbishment due to excessive corrosion. 
15/07/2009 The data feed from the instrument has been increasingly erratic. The fault is under investigation. 
29/04/2009 Scheduled service of WaveRadar and met station. 
18/11/2009 The temperature sensor on the met station was replaced. 
22/10/2008 Scheduled service of WaveRadar and met station. 
25/01/2008 The WaveRadar REX has been installed and is operational.